Hoary – in the way of Righteousness

The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.
Prov. 16:31

For some years, I’ve considered what it means to have the hoary head, but in the way of righteousness. In the context of some conversations over the past week, as well as Pastor Russell’s message last night on running our race – and being in the race – this verse hit home this morning.

The hoary head is the old head, but few get old without a great many regrets. Due to very short time, I’ll not now elaborate, however, God desires us to serve Him all our lives, and the person who attains age, but while serving the Lord without regrets, has a crown of glory. To attain age, but while serving self would logically then be a crown of shame to us.

Let us run make sure we are in the race, and then run our race with patience, in the right direction, for the right reasons, without weights. And, run to win. Let us be that hoary head – in the way of righteousness, wearing age as a sign of glory for a life well lived, rather than a crown of shame for many years serving self.

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