Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so…

Yes, Jesus loves me, yes, Jesus loves me, yes,

I remember times of hearing this song, but considering myself too old for it, and so not joining in. Perhaps so is the story with you. I thought it was a kids song… and I was a grownup. I was too big for this song.

How about you? Does Jesus love ever get old? Do we ever get to old to hear about it? Does this simple song ever become wrong?

Though simple, this song is profound, for it tells a truth plainly. Who is it Jesus loves? Why, He loves the world. Who is it that Jesus saves? Whoever believes on Him.

Well, that may be all good and right for you, my well churched friends, grown up in a perfect church, full of perfect people, but though raised in church, I am not a perfect person, and have yet to meet one of your perfect people.

I went to church, but I was a sinner. It took me until 5 years of age to figure out that I was so messed up, I was on my way to hell, if God wouldn’t save me! After I was saved… I found out I still lived in a flesh body… and so continued to struggle. After about 1.5 decades of this struggle, I learned that ‘the Bible tells me so’. It tells me the truth. I was confused, partly due to reformed doctrine out of balance with other doctrine, I came to understand Romans 8 – it says that I am dead to sin, and so have the power to live uprightly… here on earth! I learned that there is a way of escape which God provides, and so sin is now my error, it is my mistake, as a believer.

Yet, Jesus still loves me.

Why does Jesus love me? The Bible tells me so. He loves me, because He made me. As a young boy, I carved presents for my mother. Some of them are rather ugly, and most or all of them rather rough – they wouldn’t sell at a carving show. She still keeps them. Why? Because she is my mother. I’m not a perfect son. My brothers would be quick to tell you that I am not a perfect brother, but I am their brother. So guess what? They love me. I may be a rough and ugly carving, made so by my choices, by the filth of this world I live in, but God made me, and because of it, Jesus still loves me. I am made in God’s image, and so God loves me. One of the ways He shows His love towards me… is by sanding down those rough parts, by chipping away at my hard heart, by forming my homeliness into His beauty – beyond which there is no compare. This may be a painful process, yet through the molding, chipping, and sanding, I learn to trust my Maker, to stop asking the Sculptor why He is doing so, but rather to trust that He does all things well!

What do you think now of this simple song? It is profound. Profound, not because of it’s eloquence, but rather it’s simplicity. It tells a truth so plainly that a 5 year old can understand it, yet contains truth so deep that few college professors can begin to grasp it. It is a truth which the simple believe by faith, yet many knowledgeable struggle to stoop from their pride and enter into its riches.

Having been greatly blessed by the Lord to be courting a godly lady over the past several months, my eyes have been opened more to see how great my God is, yet in doing so, I find myself to be… a worm and no man. God does great things, and I find myself to be so small. He must increase, and I must decrease. We often make ourselves out to be great people. In today’s society, sayings such as ‘believe in yourself’, or ‘follow your inner star’ are common place advice, yet such is the language of a fool. We are all humans, we are all nothing. God is everything.

Jesus loves me…

Why? Not because I’m anything, because I’m someone, because I do great things, use great words, or perform great work. Jesus loves me… because He chose to.

What this means to me, is that no matter what I do, as a believer, I am secure in Christ. The Bible tells me so. 

Have you ever seen people showing off? Perhaps as a little child, you did so. When adults came, you showed off your skills in crawling, or walking. A little later, you showed off your skills with a cartwheel, or something like that. Today, as an adult, you impress people with your skills, money, credentials, or physical strength. Why do we do this? Probably largely to gain other people’s approval.

What must we to to gain God’s love? He offers it freely, He is holding out His hand to us – will you reach out and take it? 

Christian, He desires you to show your love to Him by obedience – by fidelity to Jesus, Who died for us, and in so doing, purchased us to Himself for eternity. Is He important to you? Jesus loves me, this I know. 

Jesus loves me… do I love Him:

I love Jesus, and He knows,
by the way I trust Him so,
I have put my faith in Him,
Ne’er to wander evermore.

We don’t have to wander in the world… He doesn’t want us to wander in the world. Let us run to Christ, trust Him Who holds tomorrow, to find that Jesus is sweeter as the days go by, to come in humility to see that I am weak… but He is strong. The above verse is my own rendering of thought, and it is true for me. I do love Jesus… and it ought to be, and I trust is, shown in how I live. Christ must always be first, He must increase, but I must decrease. Why?

Jesus loves me. 

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2 Responses to Jesus Loves Me

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks, a great write up! What you said is very true. We are nothing, and God is everything. God’s love is a choice, not a feeling. As a result, God’s love does not fail when we mess up, He still loves us and wants to draw us back into a proper relationship with Him. It was really nice how you related the content to such meaningful hymns. We are all imperfect creatures in a need of a perfect God.

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