All the eggs in one basket

About 3 weeks ago, we had an incident at our house wherein a basket full of eggs from our chickens was on our basement stairs, making it’s way from outside, up to the kitchen. In the mean time, someone tripped over the basket, resulting in the loss of several eggs.

Have you ever heard the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Had we heeded this advice… more eggs would likely have been saved, by diversifying the risk. In most cases, this advice makes sense. It is a risk-management tactic, in fact, the premier such tact, used in financial investing, and used in a great many other aspects of our lives.

Throughout history, people have attempted to apply the same advice to their relationship with God. As such, we see them creating a diverse portfolio of gods – a god for the rain, one for war, another for food, etc. However, in doing such, they are ‘creating’ gods, and thus these gods have less power than their makers! These gods are unable to hear, speak, see, think, or act, for they are no gods at all. In the end, this diverse portfolio turns out to be a far greater risk, than had they perused one. For there is only One God, the God of the Bible, Who is manifest in three distinct, yet simultaneously unified persons. Yes, scripture always refers to God using male pronouns, and we can’t just change it and call it a new Bible, for to do so would be to compromise truth. These are the Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.

The Lord our God is one Lord, Deut 6:4. For us to spread out our worship and faith among multiple ‘gods’, is to trust in what is no god at all. Jesus professed to be “the way, the truth, and the life”, and as such, we cannot add others to Him. To try and diversify our worship, is to give up worship of the True God, and therefore have no God at all. To make a weak analogy to the financial realm, it would be like choosing to buy a plurality of bad stocks in the ’80s, rather than lots of Apple and Microsoft stock.

The above is a weak analogy due to the value of the comparison – those that are no gods, are of no value, but the true God is He which is able to save our souls from hell, and it is far greater a thing to gain our own souls, than it would be to gain all the world with its wealth!

Let us consider how we are choosing to invest. Is God our greatest investment? He gave His life for us, yet many won’t take the time to consider and make a careful choice on their eternal destination.

Many choose to trust in money, in power, in influence, or else in gods of their own imaginations, but… as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. I don’t need to diversify my faith, I don’t need to put my eggs in more than one basket, because Jesus never fails. Diversification is only necessary to spread out risk of failure, but in God, there is no risk, and outside of Christ, only complete failure. To diversify from the Lord would be to destroy the whole investment, in this case my life, whereas to invest in only Him, is to guarantee sure success. God always keeps His promises, and as the one Who created all the laws of nature, of which science is merely a tool for discovery, He is the only one who can be 100% sure of keeping His – for circumstances can often prohibit us.

I’ll put all my eggs in one basket in this case, because Jesus never fails.

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