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God’s chosen canvas

Tonight, looking for something to read [besides my A+ and CCNA textbooks…], I picked up Baxter’s Explore the book. It’s been interesting reading through the section on the inter-testimental period, and getting a slightly different perspective of the canvas onto … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Strange Lineage – Matthew 1

It is interesting reading through Jesus’ lineage, He did not come from a perfect mother, and while the Holy Spirit was His Father, the Bible also primarily traces His lineage through Joseph. The book of Matthew, written to the Jews, … Continue reading

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Joseph – A Man God Used

Joseph was a man chosen by God to be Jesus’ earthly step-father, and as such, he was a man greatly used of God and one worthy of our study. While the Bible states several things about Joseph, we can deduct … Continue reading

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Who Is Mary?

Who was Mary? Was she deity, sinless, or a perpetual virgin? God chose Mary, a woman who found favor with God, to be the mother of His son, who was from everlasting and will be forever, when He made His … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! Jesus: The Light of the World

Merry Christmas! What a blessed time of year it is when, even through the materialism and other distractions, the gospel is preached even from anti-God radio in the form of Christmas carols! Christmas is here! Today’s post is on the … Continue reading

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